Global warming and climate change are not problems for the distant future; currently, the entire world and its citizens—old, young, rural, urban—are experiencing their effects. The late English physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, had noted that “we are making the phenomenon of global warming irreversible.”

However, Hawking was not entirely pessimistic. He added, “Although climate change is one of the major crises, it can be prevented if humans take immediate actions.”

※Zero hunger
※Combat climate change
※Halt & reverse land degradation & biodiversity loss
※Sustainable consumption and production
※Ethical treatment of animals

Venerable Master Hsing Yun said, “We should not be overly frightened or consider climate change as an alarmist talk, so much that we turn a deaf ear to it. Because of the unending plundering of the earth in recent years that trigger continuous natural disasters, we should be alert that the earth is ill. The earth can be sick is just like the body can be sick. When a person is sick, one needs medical treatment and rescue; when the earth is sick, it also relies on all of us for rescue.”

Since the cause is clear, why can’t we work to change that cause and make every effort to avoid disaster? Therefore, Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) proposes Vege Plan A—a top priority that supersedes any other religious, belief, or health reasons, taking on this project of great concern on human existence.

Vege Plan A is action-oriented.

What you eat, how you eat, determines the future of the world.


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