Dharma Protector / Donation

Fo Guang Buddhist Temple of Boston (FGBTB) is the first temple that Fo Guang Shan Temple established in Massachusetts. Our mission is Propagating the Dharma through Cultural Activities, Foster Talent though Education, Benefiting Society through Charity, Purifying Human’s mind through Practices. We sponsor activities in fields such as daily living, medical support, lectures on Buddhism, and children classes. We also donate books to local universities and libraries, provide food for homeless, and participate in other charitable activities.


FGBTB is a non-profit Buddhist temple and daily operation costs rely heavily on the donations from the public. Devotees of FGBTB have come together and established the long-term FGBT Sponsorship Program with the goal of support FGBTB’s mission and helping FGBTB continue to flourish and spread dharma in the Greater Boston area. We would like to invite everyone to consider donating to help support FGBTB. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and support. Namo Amitabha.

Please choose one of the donation methods below:

$10 Monthly

$30 Monthly

$50 Monthly

One Time Donation

Tips: Please click the following checkbox on Paypal Donation screen if you with to automatic monthly donation.