BLIA Boston Chapter

Since the establishment of the “International Buddhism Association World Association” in Hsilai Temple, Los Angeles, USA, the flag of the “International Buddhism Association” has spread across more than 170 countries and regions on five continents. Due to many advantages, the “BLIA Boston Chapter” was announced in 1995. Venerable Master Hsing Yun was invited to host the inaugural meeting, and Venerable Yongdong was appointed as the advising Venerable of the first “BLIA Boston Chapter”. With the cadres’ efforts to promote the exhibition, the “Boston Buddha Light Association” has grown stronger and stronger. With more than 150 members, they follow the philosophy of Human Buddhism and jointly promote the ideal of “Buddha light shines on three thousand worlds and Dharma water flows through five continents.”


Apply daily through Buddhism; apply Buddhism to daily, implementing Buddhism in the world, and promoting Buddhism in the world are our unique ideas. The organization system of the Buddha’s Light International Association is complete throughout the five continents. Under the leadership of the president Venerable Master Hsin Yun, the members of BLIA actively participate in various activities such as culture, education, charity, and community service. They do not forget to practice and think about the law and justice at all times. Practice the self-interested and altruistic Bodhisattva spirit.


Organization Structure

BLIA Boston Chapter has one president and two vice presidents, 15-member board of directors. The Chapter has a secretariat and membership, finance, activities, cultural promotion, commemoration, care, and localization, and each cadre is responsible for the implementation of chapter affairs. BLIA Boston Chapter consists of two sub-chapters, a BLIA Society Youth Group and a BLIA Boston Scout Group. They are responsible for planning each year’s activities and work plans, and supporting and cooperating with the branch to organize various activities.